Researchers are starting to realize that “regressive autism” is a myth based on poor methodology. The story tells us about the failings of autism research — and the complexity of human development.

The Cultural Myth of Regression

Even with the best intentions, you can’t help someone you view as less.

The cortex has a surprisingly simple organizing principle.

Left: A brain with a metal instrument separating the temporal cortex from the rest of the brain so that the primary auditory cortex (blue) and secondary auditory cortex (red), can be seen. Right: A zoomed-in view of primary auditory cortex shows bands labeled, from left to right, 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz, 8000 Hz, and 16,000 Hz. The 500-Hz frequencies come from the apex of the cochlea in the inner ear, while the 16,000 Hz ones come from the base.

The sweet spot is the highest amount of effort you can put in without pain, and is the zone of maximum skill growth.

What yoga can teach us about the optimal amount of effort

Innovative methods and surprising findings from a new study of autistic youth with minimal speech.

When a person has a disability, their capabilities fit their environment like a square peg fits a round hole.

A curb cut.

Emily Morson explains research on neurodivergent brains through the lens of cognitive neuroscience, SLP, & lived experience. #neurodiverseSTEM cofounder.

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