Mosaic of Minds and Other Musings
Mosaic of Minds and Other Musings

Hi, I'm a neurodivergent writer and disability advocate trained as a researcher and clinician. (I was a student Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) at Northwestern University and before that, a cognitive neuroscience PhD student in the Cognition and Action Neuroimaging Lab).

I now use Medium only to read and comment on other people's blogs. I am no longer updating Mosaic of Minds here. You can stay up to date with this blog on Substack.

I am making no money from this blog on Medium, because I want anyone to be able to access it. So, if you enjoy this blog, please hop on over to Substack and consider subscribing. Thank you!

Why This Blog?

Communicate Psychology and Neuroscience Research

* Describe interesting psychology and neuroscience research studies in terms non-researchers can understand.

* Explain the methods researchers use, the jargon they write, and the assumptions they take for granted.

* Ask questions I think researchers should be asking.

* Suggest ways research can be improved.

Advocate for respectful treatment of people with disabilities in research and life in general

* Celebrate the diversity of human minds and brains. * Champion respectful research on neurodivergence and mental illness that addresses participants' needs and concerns and involves them in the research process.

* Advocate for more inclusive, equitable treatment of people with disabilities.


You will enjoy this blog most if you:

* Enjoy long posts.

* Don't mind an irregular posting schedule.

* Are interested in philosophical issues. Favorites include: what does "disability" mean? Do the diagnostic categories in the DSM reflect boundaries between conditions that exist in nature?

Other Writing

Portfolio: In addition to Mosaic of Minds, I contribute blog posts to nonprofit organization Kind Theory and sell articles on spec. You can find samples of all my writing here.

If academic articles are your thing, you can find 3 published papers about autism, 1 undergraduate honors thesis, and 2 masters theses either through my portfolio or on my Academia page.

Thanks for reading! I welcome questions, comments, polite disagreement, and links to interesting studies.

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Mosaic of Minds and Other Musings

Mosaic of Minds and Other Musings

Emily Morson explains research on neurodivergent brains through the lens of cognitive neuroscience, SLP, & lived experience.