I’m returning to Medium!

I’ve been blogging about neurodivergence since 2009. As my blog, Mosaic of Minds, evolved, it moved from platform to platform like a snake shedding its skin. It went from Blogspot to Medium to Substack. Along the way, it’s covered a Venn diagram of science research and disabilities, with a dash of philosophy and the occasional personal essay.

Mosaic of Minds on Substack is now taking on its own identity and focus: explaining and commenting on research about neurodivergence. You can check out its new direction here.

Meanwhile, I’m returning to Medium!

Here, I’m lucky to be part of a thriving disability community. So, I’m going to resume writing about disabilities and neurodivergence here, not limited to science. Anything I write about disabilities and neurodivergence that doesn’t fit within Mosaic of Minds’ purview will land here. There’ll be some advocacy, some opinion, and some personal experience.




Mosaic of Minds and Other Musings

Emily Morson explains research on neurodivergent brains through the lens of cognitive neuroscience, SLP, & lived experience.