Need a Beta Reader? I Will Edit Your Blog Posts and Articles

Hello all, I’m offering commissions on Ko-Fi, starting with proofreading and editing. If that goes well, I’ll add writing.

Photo shows closeup of a pen sitting on a printed document covered in edits written in red pen.
Image by Nic McPhee.

If you know anyone who needs editing or proofreading, please consider sending them my way! Thank you!

UPDATE 2/9/2024: Commissions are still — and always — open! Here’s an example of complete editing of a blog post, so you can make a more informed decision.

You can also find Mosaic of Minds’ current home on Substack.



Mosaic of Minds and Other Musings

Emily Morson explains research on neurodivergent brains through the lens of cognitive neuroscience, SLP, & lived experience.